I am The Miha Artnak. A homo sapiens sapiens that lives in the centre of European continent. I strongly believe in utopia as the optimal guide for progress as humankind. I am aware of myself, love peace and I am striving for changes in society. I speak a few languages but I prefer a visual one. I wish everybody a good but responsible life. My graduation and job in a current society is as a designer but somehow I can not get rid of personal critique and agitation in public space.


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Childhood Pattern (2012)
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Awards and recognitions

Grand Prix Brumen – Biennale of Visual Communication, DOS – Winter Recognition, Golden Drum, Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF), Cultural Ambassador of Ledina, Magdalena,… “Etudiants, tous à Chaumont!”, Identity: Best of the Best, Memefest, Bronasto Vegovo priznanje, Delfinček, …

In 2009 he published a book entitled Now I Exist – a research in typography with visual experiments and portfolio (LINK)

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  • ZEK (2012); Zaklonišče 2, Ljubljana
  • The Rise of the Fall; Vrečka na vrečko, Ljubljana
  • The Tackle of the Tentacle; Vrečka na vrečko, Ljubljana – Brussels – Luka Koper
  • Re: ZEK; NLB, Ljubljana
  • Fw: Re: ZEK; Slovenian Embassy, Washington
  • Fw: Fw: Re: ZEK; Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Design Week 2009; Belgrade
  • 4+; internet exhibition
  • 4+; XIII Edition of the Biennial of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean; Puglia, Italy
  • Street Art; MGLC, Ljubljana
  • Graffitists; MGLC, Ljubljana
  • Oblikobranje; Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
  • 4; Maximal, Ljubljana
  • Das ein the sign design vol.1; Kiberpipa, Ljubljana
  • Postars; Kiberpipa, Ljubljana
  • Artur; 3delavnica, internet exhibition
  • Street art Festival 05; Budapest
  • Stick’em up; K4, Ljubljana
  • Hood Jam; K4, Ljubljana
  • Glastonbury festival; Cekinov grad, Ljubljana
  • Spring day in Europe; Ljubljana


  • ZEK; Pecha Kucha, Ljubljana
  • Tako ali drugace; TEDx, Ljubljana
  • Visual Contamination; Belgrade
  • Potorisno predavanje; SOF, Portorož

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  • Currently works
    • as an artist and freelance designer in Kreativna cona Šiška
    • as a consultant, brand developer, UI and UX designer with Srđan Prodanović at Visionect
    • as a consultant, brand developer at Sinhro
    • Brand developer, E-commerce, HR agent and in charge of social media communication strategy for Pop-up Dom

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  • Co-founder
    of The ZEK Crew / zek.si
    of Pop-up Dom / popupdom.si
    of Ljudje / ljudje.si